Credit card scam continued

Hi there

the original thread of this is at #post4543868

I started a new on as the other thread was over a year old and I want to make sure people see that this person is at it again

I received this email:
willson store
haroildwillsoncollections at gmail

my name is haroild willson i will like to purchase some of your items to my new
store in japan i will like to inform you that i will be making payment
through credit card if this is accepted by you please kindly get back to
me with your website address so as for me to choose the item needed by
me.sipping address8-10 Palazio Himonya Bldg. 1F, 2-chome Minami,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0013, Japan[/COLOR]

2 main things jump out at me here-- one, he doesn’t know if he is in Miami or Japan…lol, and he doesn’t know how to spell HAROLD.

so I respond and receive this… cuz of course I want to know what he has to say

Thanks for the mail this are the item needed below

Baby Body Butter with Organic Lavender250 ml pump bottle …QTY150

Organic Lavender Baby Shampoo & Body Gel 250 ml pump…QTY150
8-10 Palazio Himonya Bldg. 1F,
Minami, Meguro-ku,
Tokyo 152-0013, Japan

Also, I experience difficulties when it comes to getting orders to my
address here in japan i would be best if you contact the shipper which i used in
the past (EASYMOVEAIRcargo at yahoo you can also notify them with my customer id# TW36HFJ76T.
I will need you to obtain a quote and get back to me
Once i have these details, i will get back to you with my credit card
details immediately. so you can charge and make the necessary shipping
Kind Regards
Haroild Willson[/COLOR]

LOL- who uses a moving company with a YAHOO email ?? ha ha - so of course I have to keep going, loving these stupid people

so I email the courier at the YAHOO address-- ha ha

[COLOR=“Blue”]Dear client,
Thanks you for contacting Easymoveair cargo and we are very grateful.regards to your request, We will be glad to give you a quote but the following information is needed

Pick Up Address:

Quantity And Weight Of The Consignment:
Monentary Value Of The Consignment :

Once we get these details, we would have a quote sent to you as soon as possible

Customer Service
(EM.S Services and Logistic)

So - HUGE waring bells here
I have told him I will only accept paypal payment overseas, I ship already to stores in Singapore, Malaysia and Shanghai- so I know how it SHOULD work.
He ignores my paypal request.
I have suggested strongly FedEx, again he ignores this.

Thank you very much for this website confirming my belief that this was a scam, I ‘googled’ his ‘shipping’ address and I found you

Hoping this post will help out someone else

I am emailing him to let him know how to spell ‘harold’ properly


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