Creating a multi-user blog/artical site


I intend to setup a new blog containing articals written by different contributors. Ideally what I want is to have a home page with the latest articals and then a list of categories on the side containing the older articles. It would also be good if there was a separate list linking to articles from the same author (like their own personal page) and better still if I could have a top 10 or featured atricles lists as well.

What is the best blog software to achieve this (preferably free but I would pay if there was something really good available.)

If it makes a difference I’d also like to have separate sections of the site for tutorials, lists of resources, Q&A sessions etc.

Help appreciated.

Two good options to check out would be WordPress (free) and [URL=“”]ExpressionEngine (not free). These are two of the best tools for what you have described.

I know that ExpressionEngine can do all of what you described, and I suspect it’s possible with WordPress, although I can’t vouch for every detail. There are great WordPress forums where you could ask for specific advice.

I have also used Movable type blogging program in the past (also not free), and it would work but I believe you can only have 5 authors and then you have to pay them more money. I would think that WordPress would be your best bet.

Wordpress it is… not only does it make it easier to manage your contributors, it’s pretty easy to use as well!