Free blogs?

hi guys…Can you please tell me the name of few blogs which are free and dependable?? will be really thankful
regards :slight_smile:

yeah i mean by free that no membership fees and other hidden charges…:slight_smile:

yeah should be useful and respectable…if there is any please share the link…

Can you expand on that…

What do mean by “free” - content, no membership required, or something else? is the hot one these days. If you want to host your own, surf to to download the latest version

i am asking for blogging platform actually :slight_smile:

For me it’s still unclear if you are looking for a blogging platform (e.g.: wordpress, blogger…) or for an actual blog

There are more free blog site–


Two thumbs up! is also a free hosting blog site. :stuck_out_tongue:

For free blog accounts - and

Can you tell me what type of blogs are you looking? from what area? In this way it will be easier for me to help you.

And what is your classification for “dependable”, do you mean useful, well respected, scientifically accredited? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys for your help…i really appreciate that. i am grateful to forum where members are ready to understand you and solve your problems. I am really liking :slight_smile:

You may check these out …

Yap then wordpress is the way to go. Or you can try

thankyou so much guys but i had no such area in my mind. i was asking a general question