Create a script where users can post and share

I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to do this, I want to create a post and share within my site where registered members can share what’s on their mind - like Facebook.

I’m not the BEST in PHP but I do have a little bit of basic knowledge- I currently have a dating website that has encounters, subscription and coin purchasing - I’m stuck on this part :weary:.

If anyone can help me by walking me through the basic steps to setup a basic post and share system, that would be friggin’ amazing! NOTE: I do have a registration/login with a database that stores users already, if that helps any…

Thanks in advance!

First thing to decide on is the rules. How will you decide which users see a particular post? Will posters have to share to individual users, or will you have “groups” that can be subscribed to? Will you have “friends” lists?

Once you have decided how posts will be seen, actually designing the tables and coding should be fairly straightforward.


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