Amateur needs advice re file sharing

hello wise ones, your help please.

want my users to be able to upload and view, maybe even download files (pics, docs) to and from my website (php, mysql). here’s the catch: need to restrict access to the files. files should only be available to a set group of users. let me explain…

my website is for couples - 2 people (that’s the set group of users I refer to above). from their point of view the 2 of them are the only users of the website. there they view/share a common calendar of just their schedule, a common discussion board of just their chats, etc… so need to follow suit with sharing just their files. of course the site serves many couples simultaneously. until now I have kept their stuff separate in DB tables. but have a feeling this is the wrong approach for stand alone files. problem anticipated is that all couples files will reside in one single folder (FTP?) but as I said - need to show any given couple just their files.

am a rookie and just asking to be pointed down the best path… any suggestions at all are greatly appreciated. off to work now and cannot reply until tomorrow.


crickets, crickets, the dreadful sound of crickets…

c’mon dudes - 87 views and nothing ???

just asking for a clue here !!!

Not sure what you are asking…You seem to already have it where only those user who have need to have access have it and those that should not don’t have access…So?