Very simple PHP Profile script?


Im looking for a very simple PHP script that enables users to signup and have thier own page with details etc. Something similar to myspace, but only basic.

Any suggestions?

Thanks all

I don’t know of any pre-mades. I think you will find that most pre-made scripts are packed with unwanted features.

This would be REALLY easy to make though. Do you know any PHP? If you know some PHP, I will tell you how to make it very fast and easy.

If you are still looking, I know a script that is $xx and does what you need. Can find it for u if u need it, but dunno if it was perl or php. Let me know and I will find it for ya.

I’d be interested in both of your replies guys, please get in touch.

There’s a component for Mambo called Community Builder which I use on one of my sites. It’s pretty basic. - mambo - community builder



I’m looking for something very simple also. User sign up, some pics, postings, some sort of groups etc…

I was leaning towards just building it myself but if someone has been through this before any outline would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, I will be gald to help you out, but I need a rundown on what you want their profiles to look like?

Are there going to be different sections like myspace (about me, heros, TV, books, who id like to meet, etc.) or are you just going to give them a blank page with your header at the top and let them doing anything they want with it (like xanga)?

Following this

Hmm, haven’t really gotten that far. I was debating between building one or using a script and came accross this when searching for pros/cons.

I don’t know myspace all that well.

Above is an example of what I’m looking for. It will be for a different prodoct though. I want anyone to be able to sign up then put up pictures and make posts about their product. There will be different categories of said products. I would like the users to be able to make groups. I have seen myspace and I like how people can leave comments and that you can form different groups based on your interests. Sorry I don’t have a better idea of what I want. If that’s too vague than I’ll give it some more thought and track you down later.