Could somebody review my ad placement please


I’m a new webmaster, and got my first site approved a few days ago

If possible, could someone with more experience please check my website’s ad placement and tell me if its ok or needs to be moved to a better place

Thank you

Thanks StarBug for reviewing my site :slight_smile:
I’ve tried before putting some bigger AdSense ads on my front page, but got many bouncing visitors.
The smaller ads on the front page are doing better for me right now.
I’ve read your post about ad tracking, and will surely start doing that with all of my ads, great idea !

Also I know Deutsched is not a German word, I just thought it sounded good when I treated it as an English verb :slight_smile:

Thanks once again !

I highly recommend placing a large rectangle above every post. Just make the text the same color but don’t worry about blending it into the posts because you can tell with your site that they are google ads and it isn’t working. Just make them stand out and have that be the only thing over the fold. This should increase your ctr.

On your homepage I would suggest using a large rectangle instead of a normal sized banner.
In fact try to replace every 468x60 banner with a large rectangle.

Also try to End your pages with a banner as long as you don’t already use 3 banners.

Track each ad with a separate channel, I explained this in detail here: Google Adsense - The Secret to using Channels

And as a German I like your website :slight_smile:
However Deutsched is not a german word :wink:

Good Luck