How much can I charge to make a simple website?

I have thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS. I’m learning Javascript, jQuery, and PHP. My friend knows that I know a little of web design, so he wants me to make a website for him. How much should I charge? It’ll be a simple website using only HTML, CSS, and maybe some jQuery.

thank you for your time :slight_smile:

What would be a viable hourly rate for you?

This should be your formula, Skills * no. of hours = Profit
If you’re just starting out, make sure you check out other web galleries and learn from them. You don’t want to create a very basic design and be done with it.

Also, learn how to create WP themes and charge more :slight_smile:

Don’t charge anything, Barter. Have him do what ever he does for a living for you for free in exchange.


Your clients only really see the price. As a rule of thumb charge what they are prepared to pay.

Charging 2K+ would likely get a bad response, particularly in today’s climate.

I would setup a WordPress theme and charge a couple of hundred. Get them on the monthly support plan so they can pay you a little money to maintain their theme and cover their domain and hosting. This would be anything from 10 - 20EUR per month.

Do not work for free, and do not custom code if a client is not prepared to pay. Friends and family are often the worse clients, you’ve been warned! We’ve all been there. :slight_smile:

Hi cornwallis,

Website charges totally depend upon its requirements. You can charge on hourly basis and monthly basis. You can charge for how much time you have spend on website creation.

depends on where you live as well. Simple static website template can be created in a couple of hours. If you have the content and as you said you know the techniques, it should not take more than a few days for you. In that case, you should do it for free for a friend as long as you are not spending mammoth of hours. However, tell him the baseline that he can expect for the free part. Make it clear if it goes beyond ‘x’ hours you would charge.
If the site you are creating is dynamic, you should quote an hourly rate that you think is reasonable for your time.

it depends on the webpage that he wants to have, and the effort you have to put in. If it would be enough to grab a WP template, put some information in there and launch the website, i would not charge much, maybe ~200. The thing is that if you have not so much of a clientele you could charge less for some recommendations. If he will be happy with your work, you could get some more clients from his recommendations (and you could charge them a bit more).

Hi Crown wills!
it depends upon your experties. Abviously if you’ll design well. you’ll be getting well payed. but here are suggestion that it also does matter that how many hours or time you’re spending for making the site or also on the basis of payed hourly but it would be nice if you’ve have him do what ever he does for a living for you for free in exchange.

Its completely depend on the time you spend on making the website.

It totally depends on the requirement and time you spend for making the website. You can also charge for domain registration, web hosting etc…