Cornerstone content pages - best optimization tactics

I have a cornerstone page I am editing for future publication. Aside from this “page”, I have over 400 separate blog “posts” throughout my blog. Question: should I choose specific keywords in the cornerstone article and text link them to various URLs in my blog?

OR should I research and choose various keywords / phrases throughout the various blog posts and text link them to the URL of the cornerstone page?

How have you cornerstone authors done this? Curious - feedback appreciated.

What is a cornerstone page?

What are you trying to accomplish? Better SEO?

Choose your cornerstones carefully. Think of the four or five pages that you like the most when you first visit your site. These articles should be the cornerstones of your site. What articles are important to you? Which of them are the most complete and authoritative? You have to write articles on the keywords for which you want the most.

Leo are we allowed to share links to our cornerstone pages? If so, I have a link to mine…(I like to ask in advance - don’t like going against SitePoint TOS)…thanks

Can you clarify your question?

If a link is required to enable others to answer your question, then of course it is allowed. (It does not seem to me that a link to your site is necessary or relevant to the questions in your opening post.)

TBH, I would like the answers to the questions CrazyCatCoder asked a few days ago.

I’m sure my site will not help you. I give you advice from my personal experience. I’m talking about what helped me in this situation. Good luck

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