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I am creating website for IT purpose. I am bothering to use keywords in content. I have experience of it, still I want to know from experts.
How many keywords can be added in page? How many hyper link can be added in each page?

Also I want to know content copy right process and benefits?

Advice and recommendations are welcome!

Write for people is the best way to optimize for the PR algorithm.Variation of keyword is important in your content.First optimize the content for readers,then for google.
You can include target phrases 1-3 times in text.Quality of content is more important than quantity.

Google prefer fresh and unique content,make sure that you are not copying the content from any other resource.Content copyright benefits are fast indexing of your website in search engine ,more likely to rank in Organic Search Results(If you have done proper On-Page Optimization).

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do you have any idea about the process and spends of copyright.

Use just as many as you need! Forget SEO and focus on good, useful content.

Also I want to know content copy right process and benefits?

Anything you write yourself is automatically copyrighted to you.

First of all collect unique information relating to your website and choose strong keywords for your website that google gives good rank to your website

The best way to know how many keywords to include in your webpage is to know the right keyword density. A keyword density is the ration of keywords versus the overall word count of a webpage/article.

(No. of keywords / overall word count) x 100 = Your webpage keyword density measured in rates

Though 3% KD is balanced and safe for me, others pointed out that 4% is also good or better. Still others will go for 5% or less. I just want to be safe; especially today, Google has a keen eye on keyword stuffing.

Hyperlinks are to be used when necessary. It shouldn’t be too many or too little. Just right. Make it appear natural. Try studying the “authority” sites why they have a good reputation with Google.

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Do you have any idea about size of page and HTML/Text ratio?

Personally I wouldn’t worry about such things. IMHO unless it comes from Google or another search engine it’s only speculation or parroted nonsense.

As ralph.m said, concentrate on writing good content that people will be interested in and everything else will fall into place on its own.

And always remember, quality > quantity, SEO comes after that.

It’s a good idea to make your site SEO friendly. I’ve copied and pasted some notes I took while reading a book on the subject below. (These were quick notes, so please forgive the poor grammar.)

SEO Notes

Meta Tags
Each page should have unique tags. No duplicates.
4 main ones: title, description, keywords, robots
Title: Title of your page in search results. No more than 7 words & less than 60 characters, including spaces (max for google). Include your keywords. The post “|” separates distinct phrases for Google.
Description: Description of your page. Use keywords twice if possible here (BING) but no more. Keep compelling and accurate as to what’s on the page.
Keywords: Include main keywords, those that are main focus of website, and those associated with theme of webpage. Don’t stuff too many. Separate with comma then space. Don’t use words consequtively. ex. marketing, serach engine, marketing resources…
Robots: Happens every 2-3 days with Google. Set robot tag to “all” and they will crawl your whole site.

URL: Bing cares, Google doesn’t much but it doesnt hurt.

Ctrl-a shows what on the page is viewed as text by Google. Content first, clean code (no flash), heading tags, alt tags, proper keyword placement, external javascript, sitemaps.
W3C standards is big- tells you if you’re good.
<h> header tags are important, try to use keywords there. Try to use <h1> atleast once.
Images should all have alt tags. Don’t overdo it with images though.
Keyword Density 2-3 %, but not as important anymore. Put keywords in title tag, description tag, keyword tag, alt tags, header tags, first 25 words of page, last 25 words of page, bold them at least once on the page, italicize or underline at least once.
Sitemap XML sitemap is advised. Include descriptions with keywords for each link. Upload to Google, it can help SERPs.
Internal Links Have navbar, don’t link more than 3 times to same page on homepage. Include keywords if possible. Include links in footer.

I was told a few weeks ago the your should never use more that 4 keywords per page. I don’t believe this. This sounds a little far fetched. Can someone help me with this?

Ideally, a page should have one topic/ focus, so four key words are more than enough.

why don’t use CMS instead using old/manual web. WORDPRESS is the BEST,and SEO friendly CMS (Content managenet system). Wordpress do all it for you. And there’r alot of WP tutorial in internet. CMIIW. hope this help. thx

How many keywords can be added in page?

  • try to use 5 KWs, it’ll be best for you!

How many hyper link can be added in each page?

  • 2 hyperlinks (With anchor text or without anchor text) per page will be best for you.

Also I want to know content copy right process and benefits?

  • You have to write the website contents as per Google’s latest updates. <snip/>

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