Converting wordpress site into iPhone/iPod/iPad app

Hey guys,

Does anyone know an easy app or platform offered online that lets you convert your wordpress php run website into a working iPhone/iPod/iPad app? What I am asking is… is there an easy way of taking a wordpress website and create an app off of it? I see so many companies doing this and I am under the suspicion that it is very easy to do this using some time of software or online service.

Any help or links would be appreciated!

Are you talking about an actual on-deck application? As you said in a previous thread, there is a WP plugin to convert it to a smart phone friendly site. What people usually do, is either use that or any other html 5 site made for iphones/android, etc and then create a little app which is just a browser pointing to the html 5 site. And release that to the app stores.

The current ios developer guidelines state that an app that just serves up content from a site, i.e if it’s a direct mirror and doesn’t add any value or ios specific features to what you get from the web page experience, then it won’t be allowed. In the past they’ve allowed these through but the indications are they won’t in future.

Although I don’t often agree with ios restrictions, in this case I think they’ve got it spot on - apps of this nature are just pointless clutter really.


Yea, I actually forgot about that. I agree. It is just clutter. Apple is quite restrictive with their applications. But I can see a few people adding just a few things in, “To offer something different”, just to get it done. Until that also gets plugged.