Automatic Wordpress to iOS / Android App convertors?

Is anyone aware of good and stable App converter for Wordpress to iOS / Android?

We already use PWA but need that converted to an app which can be downloaded from Apple and Google stores. I find some plugins which work with Android - but seems iOS has made some changes due to which regular web view does not work. When we talk to developers they give a very high costing similar to developing a full fledged app. We explained we need some kind of wrapper/web view which gets the data from our wordpress website and displays the same. Exactly what the PWA does.

Some providers have this feature but again they have a monthly cost associated which we dont need as we just need a 1 time app generation with a start page which we can define.

So any help or guidance if the same could be easily achieve?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve not developed any apps for iOS but developing an Android app that is a simply a WebView into an existing website is simple enough using Android Studio. There’s no “conversion” required.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I downloaded Android Studio and after searching online found a simple code for web view. It does show the site as as App via WebView. Any further guidance on good resources to add just some basic stuff like some buttons / links?

Also going forward one of the requirement would be a PDF Flipbook if possible within Android so any resources you can point to?

Also is anyone aware of similar development possible for iOS as I read online that iOS Xcode works only on iOS and not on windows systems.


This is a different question altogether. I suggest it requires a separate topic.


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