How to Easily Convert WordPress Sites into Mobile Apps

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Whether you are an advanced or novice WordPress user, for many companies and organizations, having an mobile app for your website can be a huge asset for improving overall reach. Unfortunately mobile development typically is a labor intensive field which can cost thousands for even the simplest projects. Fortunately thanks to WordPress’ extensibility, there are mobile development companies which can create an app from your WordPress site by using an API provided by a standard plugin.


If you’re looking for a seamless way to create an app with ease, AppPresser is one of the fastest solutions on the market which allows you to get your site running on HTML5, iOS, and Android in under 30 minutes by using Phonegap. Unlike many other platforms which limit you to simply creating a front-end for your mobile site, AppPresser allows you to access the WordPress management panel and plugins from within your application.

Unlike many conversion services on the market, AppPresser breaks their pricing down into bundles based on user needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple site, a mobile eCommerce site, an app for social networking (using BuddyPress) or something more complex, AppPresser offers solutions to fit virtually any need.

AppPresser has no monthly fees, however you have to host your application yourself. Although hosting the app can be a burden for some, the benefit of this is that you maintain ownership of your code. Pricing for AppPress starts at $199.00 and covers up to five apps while the agency bundle includes 25 apps at $499.00. An annual renewal fee is required however, if you need to keep your application code updated.

thanks for the tips. thats an interesting idea. hope helpful for everyone.


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There is a new WP plugin that does a very simple but nice conversion from WP to app using responsive themes:

I’ve tried it succesfully for both Android and iPhone devices.

Thanks for valuable infomation. I try this for so many times , now i done very easily with this post


Thanks for such a helpful post <3 <3
You may also build you own Magento Mobile Apps with some Mobile App Builders
If you have enough budget and already done with magento mobile consideration, you can find and pick some Mobile App Builder that you think suits you the most.

Thanks for the valuable informtion.
I have seen app like these.
I would like to know how to convert to Mobile app.

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If your site isn’t a WordPress site, then it’s not really appropriate to discuss it here. Please start a new topic, giving more specific details of where your problems lie, and what help you require.

Yes my site is built on wordpress.And i have downloaded plugin from Wiziapp for converting to app. Thank you for responding.

Kinetise is another option you might find interesting. The Wordpress plugin is only one of its many features - you can get and send data, including pictures or GPS coordinates, use maps, videos, web pages… You can make fully functional apps without writing a single line of code, and they are purely native. You can try the editor without even registering (and download an test app on your phone as well, it will just expire in 24 hours if you don’t upgrade it), so give it a try. :wink:

For small sites this can be a solution. But bigger sites would generate very slow apps.