Content Marketing: How to effectively do it?

Hi guys,

How to do effective content marketing? Please share your thoughts about this to help other IMs looking for guide in doing Content Marketing.

Here’s mine:

1. You should be straight to your message

  • Avoid tapping non-essential topics and focus on what you are into- to INFORM, to ENTERTAIN, to relay a message, etc. Be straight and get into your topic within your topic.

2. Distribute your Content effectively

  • You should know where to distribute your content to reach your target audience. If you have Infographics content, submit it to Infographics sites, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Sites that values images more than words.

3. Analyze your content’s reach and impact

  • After days of launching your Content Marketing campaign, you should analyze and see what are the impacts of your campaign to the readers. Does the campaign generated the traffic you expect to have? Does the visitors engaged into actions? Were there comments or activity on the campaign. These are valuable assessment to know the impact of your campaign and to further improve your Content Marketing campaign in the future.

Please share yours

Content writing is good if it is effective, informative, and unique in nature. Content writing is a professional job for elaborating information skillfully so that it could be availed by online community. Content is source of information and we should write it using easy words and right grammar.

Content must be fresh and simple. Everyone have to be understand what you are explaining about.

Before you reply, please note that the theme of this thread is content marketing, not content writing.

I would add that if, at all possible, a person ought to include photographs, tutorials, video or anything else visual that will help your customer make an easy decision for your product. These things may seem time consuming at first, but are almost essential in today’s online marketplace. This combined with easy to access information about pricing make for quicker sales & happy customers! :slight_smile:

You can share your content in content curation sites like, storify,, Newsle, Bundlepost etc. Also you can create a blog like tumblr to promote specific service/product.

Read this article… It’s really great and beneficial for content marketing.

If you will go trough article from last week you will understand some very important details about how to build your content for your business!

Write valuable stuff! Don’t say the same thing over and over. Give your audience a reason to read and share your work and then share it socially.

Totally agree with this, we have found that content that includes visualizations give us less bounce rate and better conversions.


Well, to be honest content marketing is very simple… all you have to do is search for some related blogs,and post your content there…Then post the content in some article farms like ezinearticles live journal… make sure that your business website’s link is always there, otherwise its a waste to post content… And the entire concept of content marketing would be waste…

You seem to have misunderstood what content marketing is about, and instead are describing something much more akin to Spamming.