How to perform content marketing effectively?

I heard that recently “Content Marketing” is the new strategy of being on top of the SERP. But how to perform it effectively, Do we have to write long informative content or short focused content and is regular posting good, if yes then how many posts do i have to post regularly?

Here’s a list to get you started, it answers your questions and adds a little more as well:

  1. Long, rich, informative content has been proven to outperform short content. It increases engagement levels and leads to higher authority (both in the eyes of the visitor and search engines).

  2. Posting regularly is important as long as you aren’t sacrificing quality. Based on Neil Patel’s research more frequent high quality posting directly equates to an increase in traffic and following (kind of obvious huh?). Remember, for content marketing to be successful you either need to have excellent content that expands on what is currently available or content that is innovative. If you can do both then you definitely have a winning formula.

  3. Remember that content marketing is: content creation + promotion. Experts normally say that you should spend at least 50% of the campaign time to create the content and at most 50% of the time to promote it. Most successful content marketers do about 70/30 (creation/promotion) though.

  4. Remember, with content marketing it’s a good idea to keep your best work on YOUR site. Guest blogging is great but giving someone your best work is a poor strategy when you don’t know where that piece is going to end up in a few weeks/months/years. Not to mention, when something is on your site you have the opportunity to improve or edit it when required. There are few benefits of guest blogging and the only one I think makes sense is as a start-up traffic strategy.

  5. Integrate social into your content marketing as effectively as possible. Even if your following is small, 1-2 shares in the right places can lead to 100’s of extra visitors or even a chance of your content going viral. You never know and the upside is pretty high for a few minutes of work.

  6. Take a look through Seomoz’s latest articles, they have been going crazy with content marketing information and you can learn from years of experience. Rand Fishkin’s latest whiteboard friday about getting influencers to share your stuff is phenomenal.

Go out there and have fun. Add personality and innovation to your content marketing and watch it take off :slight_smile:

Quality oriented content is the base of SEO technique because search engine always prefer those sites which have rich and unique content. Search engines also give priority in indexing to those sites as compare to other. Additionally the thread by “Searchnetics” describes noticeable content for effective content marketing. You may also visit some blog and article sites to get more information.

In most of the articles now a day, I read about content marketing and many of them use the term like “Build Relationships”, I just want to know to build relationship with our visitor using “Content Marketing”, is there any type of “Content” that helps in building relationships or influencing users.

Hi! I would have a couple of suggestions:

  • define your target audience and create content that is valuable for it.
  • post regularly in order to keep your audience engaged.
  • mix long informative content (which helps increase your authority in the niche you’ve chosen) with short content (that can be easily shared through social media).
  • promote the content you create using social media channels.
  • use tools that can help you perform content marketing in an effective way. My personal favourites: Hubspot, an inbound marketing system to create personalized landing pages, emails and much more, Hootsuite, a useful social media management tool, and Styla, a tool that allows you to create content and style it as a gorgeous magazine, integrating directly shoppable products in it.

Building relationships is one of those things that’s easy to talk about, but a little harder to do. Especially when there’s a computer or some other device between you and the other person.

But here’s an example:

In my life as a copywriter, I write articles for publication. Well, yee-haw! One of them got published yesterday.

To the subject of the story, I Facebook-posted, “Hey, Max! Your article’s out!”

So, Max pulled out his trusty smartphone and tried to access the article. Bzzzt! Didn’t work.

Plan B involves Max going to one of the local stores that offers the printed version of this publication. It’s a free pub, so Max won’t be out any money.

What’s next? Max picks up a stack of the pubs with his story in it. And then he uses those pubs to build relationships with the people who sponsor his pro sports career and fund his non-profit organization.

I don’t think there is a set amount of information that’s best to get results for people. Most successful people in content marketing do things differently. They create the post just long enough to get people a result for that topic. They speak as though they sitting across you having a cup of coffee, telling you of solutions.

You can even post on other peoples blogs for traffic because when you have your traffic sources narrowed down, and build out those sites, that traffic is going to come right back to you anyway.

But the content have to be strong and gets results for people. So many people post what everybody else is posting so it has to get results (maybe you can use that in your products and many other ways) so you have to be a trailblazer teaching top proven strategies and build a traffic source of targeted people that want to learn more from you.

There are a lot of sites that have the money to create content and employ experts that work different traffic sources for them. There are a lot of things that have to be in place to have the end result you desire when it comes to content marketing. If you are a one man or woman business, there is a way to create content that does it’s job but it works hand in hand with finding where your buyers hang out, if you are selling. If not, your target market.

Your suggestions are great. I wonder if you curate content would that in anyway affect content marketing?

Thanks to all though gives information about content marketing but i wants to know how content marketing is today safe for doing because many copy the content before your post is posted in the site… just like hackers.

First of all, think users, not search engines. You need to do a content that is valuable to the people because that’s the way google likes. If you spam your content with keywords, nobody will want to read it, and if you copy it throughout whole site, you’re site will be boring and no one will use it

Yeah…SEO is focused on the initials of content and nowadays it is redefined as content marketing at times. To have a better content marketing strategy, make sure your contents can reach all your target audience at once.Make simple, knowledge oriented, attractive contents to get the most viewers.


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