How to use Pinterest effectively for social media marketing

Can any one tell me How to use Pinterest effectively for social media marketing.

As in any other social network you should be socially active - like others pins, comment on other pins, etc. Pinterest is all about image sharing, if you want to use it effectively then share attractive images with users. And it’s also not about the amount of pins, but about amount of boards. So create several boards related to your products.


Eliopia offers some good suggestions. You also have to take a look at your business and what it does and then try to think about how Pinterest could be a good platform to showcase your business. For instance a book manufacturer may post pins of interesting looking books that they make. A car dealership may post images of cars and a baker may post images of unique baked goods and cakes that they have made.

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To use Pinterest effectively, just think about the kinds of images you would love to share/repin! If you’re marketing your products, be sure to use clear and professional shots of them. If your photos do not look attractive, the chances of it being repinned and shared would naturally be low.

Group your products around a theme, which makes it easier for visitors to view your products based on their preferences. If possible, create a board of your most popular products! Most importantly, make sure your photos are properly marked up with descriptions and links, which is good for SEO.


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Use interesting and appealing images for your pins that match exactly to the people interest specially to your target audience. Involve in other people pins, attract followers to your profile, post quality pins daily and follow other people pins and make a community.

Like every social media, we need to interact with people. Follow their boards and pins if they are interesting. Making comments and following relevant boards will improve your profile visibility. Repins will help to decorate our boards. Add images from our website. Try to upload quality and informative images. I prefer info-graphics.

The most important thing is “Do it regularly”

You can drive traffic. Its most effective in Jewelry, Clothing niche.

Pinterest is a fresh instrument to promote your business. If you have some unique images to share – that’s is exactly what you need. But remember that first you need to build an audience, gain followers. Post some interesting content and gain their trust. Only after that you can start to promote your business or products.

Pinterest is major platform for social media marketing. Create more boards for your account, it will help to get more visitors & followers. If yours boards will viral, then you will more repins.