Computerr problems

Hi, when i open my computer then i see cursor don’t move. After i off my computer & again start then i move mouse then the cursor become active. Anybody tell me what is the problem my computer ?

Try to use some tools to fix your files etc… Run them all and then try to restarts again. Antivirus?

Sounds like what happens to me - except I know why.

I have a cat that likes to bite the mouse wire. The wires inside the outer cover are very thin. So when my cat damages them it’s enough to “short” out the signals. This confuses the computer and it freezes. A restart and all is OK until I move the mouse wire the wrong way and it shorts again.

Very annoying, thankfully a new mouse isn’t that expensive, and I swear my next one will be wireless.

Maybe you don’t have a biting cat, but your wires could have become damaged another way. Check the equipment for signs of wear, make sure the connection is good, and if that fails try a different mouse, it’s possible the damage lies beneath the outer covering (eg. from a sharp kink) and you won’t see it.

And you could try taking apart the mouse to make sure it’s clean inside. My old ball types used to get a real mess of dust and fur.

I understand ur problem.
firstly u must check your computer connection .sometimes wiresmalconnection may leads to this problem…
secondly clean your mouse…dust may went in …

I work with PCs all the time its my business can you explain a bit more? Does the PC become unresponsive when this happens?
It could be a bunch of things trying to narrow it down. You can contact me if you like I will try and help you correct the issue.

hi i think your problem antivirus or software remove or OS setup .