Mouse get out of order!

hi all!
The biggest problem i face with my computer hardware is the mouse which go out of order really often. I have to change my laser mouse almost every month.
I do not use it crazily but it no longer work best after 3 weeks.

It would have helped if you had explained in the first instance it was a corded-mouse. If it is a Laser mouse and corded; do mean you actually buy a replacement mouse so frequently? Else is that the typical time-scale before you have a “software issue” with the drivers? In either case it sounds rather fishy.

Any mouse should last 12-months even the lowest grade budget ones. Unless you use them as a morning-star or something crazy or abuse them in water. Make sure the Laser-eye is kept clean too.

on the bottom of the mouse is a small door, which has a little flange or lip that you can press while lifting, then it comes off

inside are two long, cylindrical objects which are vital to the operation of a laser mouse – they are called “batteries”

you must replace these “batteries” with new ones regularly

if you had instead decided to purchase the “laser-free” mouse, it comes with a thin cord that attaches to the computer, in this type of mouse the “batteries” are located inside the computer and you do not have to replace them


Does the receiver have a mouse shaped slot, if so it’s just a case of putting the mouse into the slot in the receiver to charge up.

When the batteries run low the wireless Signal sometimes cannot be received correctly and it can lead to more erratic behaviour or delay. LASER can use a lot of power so needs the batteries near full strength in a lot of cases.

Maybe your receiver is not best positioned either as that can effect how useful they perform when at lower battery strengths.

Is it being plugged in via a usb hub? If so, try plugging it direct into the computer’s own usb ports

guys…guys! i am not asking about wireless laser mouse, it is the one with cord, with no batteries at all. Now what you have to say?

Is it working OK on other computers ?

When you say out of order, do you mean completely stops working or stops working as it should?

How many have you got through so far? You mentioned monthly, Dont blindly keep replacing something until you can find out why this is happening.

I asked you before: Is the mouse working well on another computer ?