Keep losing the Mouse Pointer

Okay, so a weird thing keeps happening on my wife’s Windows 7 machine (I’m nearly at my wits end and about to rebuild it!). In short, she will be using it and all of a sudden the mouse just completely vanishes and you can’t get it back. In fact, the entire thing may freeze up at that point (I can’t quite recall).

My initial thoughts is it would be the video driver, but I’m at a loss, as that hasn’t been updated for a long long time. I’m not that keen on debugging Windows problems (especially when they are related to the hardware/drivers). Can anyone give me some insight on hopefully finding a way to resolve this without rebuilding the machine?

Is it a wireless rodent and how old is the thing, and have you tried using another mouse to see if you can recreate the issue.

Not a wireless, it actually is the trackpad on her laptop, maybe 2 years old. I could try giving her an external mouse to see if the issue goes away. Another tidbit, it seems to happen most when the laptop has been hibernating and she wakes it up (but it doesn’t happen every time).

This seems to be a problem with HP laptops. Try enabling mouse pointer trails from the Control Panel. It seems to fix the issue for some people. :slight_smile:

As the headline says. When the activity gets extreme and there are several means on the display, I usually reduce the pointer and not know where I’m seeking which has triggered more than one or two failures for me. Does anybody else have this issue, and if so how did you fix it? I discovered the cursos symbols in the BLC computer file directory, so I assume I could try changing the computer file with something neon…

Look for the color/chrome of the trackpad of laptop if that is fainted then this might be the issue, use an external mouse and picture will be clear whether the problem is with the mouse or something else.