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I have read about Google Sandbox which refers to new websites not ranking for competitive keywords early on in the websites development.

When can I expect to rank for competitive keywords?

I am noticing I am ranking for less-competitive keywords confirming the Google Sandbox. Could it take years to rank for competitive keywords?



I don’t know where you’ve read that, but I can guarantee it wasn’t in Google Webmaster’s help, because there is no official Google reference to a “sandbox” there, or anywhere else, that I can find. So I’ve yet to be convinced that such a thing exists.

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When can I expect to rank for competitive keywords?
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It will depend on the quality of your site, the quality of your competitors’ sites, how often the search terms appear on the page, how close together they appear on the page, the 200+ other factors Google take into account in ranking a page… (I’m sure I’ve pointed you to Google videos on how their search works in other threads, so I won’t bother to repeat it here.)

Because you are ranking better for less competitive keywords than you are for more competitive keywords, you believe this confirms the existence of the sandbox?
Don’t you think it may have more to do with the fact that it is harder to rank well for competitive keywords? That’s why they are “competitive”.


So you think it is more to do with things such as backlinks that are meaning I am not ranking for competitive keywords?

More likely the quality of your content and site.

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I am considering writing more content for the website. I am also planning to ‘link out’ more.

Do you consider linking out as a good or bad thing?

I have seen sites with very few links out and they rank well because they have sites linking to them.

Is it better to not link out?


It depends on what sites you link to and why you are providing the links. If the links are likely to be valuable to your visitors and are not to “spammy” sites then they should be okay. You might want to consider marking them as nofollow. See Google’s take on nofollow.

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Articles on Sandbox:

Well, the first is dated 2009 - and so much has changed in those 7 years.

The second is undated so has dubious authority. It also says: The Google Sandbox is an alleged filter - the word “alleged” is rather key here I would suggest.

In #2 @TechnoBear answerd that he is not sure about “Sandbox”. Thats why i have shared these articles. There is big confusion about “Sandbox” Whether exist or not? Don’t go with the article publication date.

Just like the Loch Ness Monster. :alien:


What I said was that I don’t believe it exists, because I have yet to see any official Google reference to it. I’m well aware that there are articles elsewhere on the Internet which do mention it, but most of them are old, and none of them have the authority of Google behind them.

So while I do appreciate you taking the trouble to reply, I remain unconvinced of the existence of “Google sandbox”.

I have seen websites that ranked for competitive keywords in less than 9 or 10 months because of their content and extensive marketing campaign. By content I don’t mean the content on their landing pages. What I meant is that their blog has well-researched and detailed articles that were shared across multiple social networks. They had video content, images, and text content. They were also running paid ads for their content on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and others. Not just this, but they also got mention in news website, don’t know whether they paid for it or not.

Point is, with the right marketing strategy, you can get ranked for competitive keywords. But don’t expect to do it in just few months.

Also, there’s no such thing as Google Sandbox. It’s just a story created by so-called SEO gurus.

I think Google and Other search engines preferred your site content and content is the king of your website,always use the unique content,

Ranking for competitive keywords is not easy - because the competition is big - write unique content and build quality content. Of course, it will take time.

Sandbox has nothing to do with competitiveness of keywords.

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