Companies for SEO / PPC

Can anyone recommend any which are reliable, offer good value for money and get you results, while not giving you BS about getting you to the top of google in 1 week etc.

I have tried a few I have picked up from here but they haven’t worked out so I’m not sure which way to go.

I am looking for SEO and PPC for my website which is in a very saturated market.

You should try submit service to many directories from submitedge, i got good result from them when my site from pr2 to pr3. It also help you ranking in google.

The question was about recommending an agency - not what to do.

You’ll find 000’s of professional SEM’s who will argue the opposite.

This question has been asked before. The reason people don’t answer it is because you don’t give enough information about you:

  1. Your physical location
  2. The vertical you’re operating in
  3. What you’re key KPI(s) is/are
  4. Budget

As a tip: don’t go with cheapest ones, cheaper most of the times means lower quality. Not a basis though, but it mostly happens.

Sorry about that.

  1. My physically location is in England
  2. Sports > Wrestling
  3. I think my main KPI would be increase in unique visitors per day and possibly page rank, although I’m not sure how much substance that has.
  4. Budget is dependant on what can be provided, but it could be from anywhere to $400-1000 a month if I think it can make a difference…

Well, you’re probably out of the league (in terms of $) of Ayima, [URL=“”]Dave Naylor or [URL=“”]GolleySlater, but they might accept a client account of that size.

Those would be the top three on my list - if they can’t/won’t help, they will know someone reputable who will…

Thank you. I will try them. In the mean time, any other suggestions from people would be welcome.

i use SEO service to create and publish unique article. So far they are good.

If you want my advice, SEO companies are for companies, who have a large budget, who just want to pay money for results, I’m assuming you have some SEO knowledge, so you know really what you need to do, so you can simply outsource what you need doing, of course, that’s just my advice.

I recom. u to find a well reputed company for SEO as Organic search is more beneficial as compare of SEM. The best way top get good result from SE is of organic SEO as it need implimentation of good strategies, no payin for any click. First think is to make your site SE friendly then you can try PPC and other web marketing strategies…

Great, no replies again. Looks like they’re only interested in the heavy hitters. I don’t really know what I need to do now, I’ve done as much as I can and reached a limit, and I have no time. Unfortunately, no companies want to take on this work because it must be too small-scale. Any recommendations of individuals who are good or could help. Never imagined it would be so difficult to pay someone to improve my SEO.

Find a local company that you can sit down and get to know. Building a lasting relationship with an SEO company will help in the longrun. By any chance are you located in the San Francisco Bay Area?

It depends on your niche. For high competitive niche keyword, i think it is very hard get SERP in page one for just a week.