Suggestion for PPC, SEO, content writing, social media company in UK?

I’m not finding time to look after my site’s PPC lately. And the guy we had in who was running SEO, content writing & social media has left. I was thinking of using one company to do all of these things.

First of all is there a downside to this? I was thinking that using a single company would lead to a coherent approach to internet marketing.

Secondly, can anyone suggest a UK company that could do this? Preferably in the north or Yorkshire, but elsewhere is OK.


As you have indicated, the advantage of using a single company is that you will get a consistent approach to these related activities. It will also be easier, as you will only have one point of contact to deal with.

You have already seen the disadvantage: You have all your eggs in one basket - especally if the company in question is just one person. If that person stops working for you - for whatever reason - you will have to find people to fill all the roles at the same time.

Also, consider whether a single company - or person - with all the required skills actually exists. In particular, PPC and SEO are quite different from content writing. Perhaps you should start by looking for such a company, but be prepared to split the work up if you don’t find one.


The best way is for you to learn and do the stuff by yourself. If you are serious about your business, you must surely have time to invest in its marketing. Otherwise, if you are too busy to do that, then your online business is very much like a part-time job. Depending on your budget you may choose the company but keep in mind that marketing is not cheap. If your budget is limited then try to focus on your primary work first before investing anything online or thinking about pushing your website. Complete decent marketing costs at least $3,000 / month unless if you are hiring an Asian firm. With my whole respect to Asian firms (I am leading myself an Asian firm), you need to be careful with those cheap ones up there.

Up here, we don’t advertise companies or recommend any company for you to hire. This is not an advertising board for companies.

I wish you all the best with your project and don’t hesitate to ask more questions here if you need help!

For PPC and SEO you must deal with the single company, because it is easy to manage all the aspects regarding all the scenerio. Because now social media is one of the best way to get the popularity and growth of your website.

I don’t completely agree with that. If you are running a business, you have a lot of demands on your time. It makes sense to delegate where possible. Nor it is possible to acquire all the skills you need. In the case of a very small business, it might be possible for the owner to do everything himself, but as the business grows, that will become increasingly difficult.


My statement above is to be taken theoretically rather than literally. No one can deny that learning stuff properly is not the best way to achieve the tasks. Without having some knowledge about the subject at hand, how is he going to find the most suitable company out there? Hiring blinding is surely not a practical approach. When a certain company is listing the tasks that it can do for him, he must be well aware of those stuff before choosing them.

Yes, I have a certain knowledge of these areas so I wouldn’t be, but my time is limited. If I were to do all of the SEO, PPC, social media and content writing myself, then I wouldn’t have time to develop the functionality of the site.

I was just wondering if any other users in the UK could recommend a company that they’d had a good experience with.

Discussions of whether or not to do it oneself aside, any suggestions as to a company that could do it for me in the UK?

Same here. There are a lot of successful business owners who don’t do SEO themselves. The thing is, when your business grows, you can’t do everything yourself. You need to ask for help in order for you to focus on more important things.

As per the new updates of penguin and panda doing seo for a company or a website isn’t that easy as you may have the skill and knowledge to be working and collaborating with the new updates. As per with on page and off page your content is king and for if you would to be surviving in the field of SEO you must posses great and quality content onto your site.