Any Reputable SEO Companies In The UK?

Looking to possible use an SEO company…

Anyone know of any good ones in the UK and their prices?

Not some guy calling from his bedroom trying to get me to part with my cash?

Thanx in advance…


It all depends on where you live.

If I were you I’d enquire with whatever local digital agencies are in your area. They’ll be likely to be able to help you, and if they can’t they’ll be likely to know someone who can.

Hi Darius,
not normally one for pushing SEO companies but for a UK based, professional outfit, give SEO Next a look. I know they are not some kid in a bedroom as they are in the office(s) opposite me!

Nice chaps and professional to the end, dont know prices or anything but they have had good results. Tell 'em Mike from ZTech sent you!

<disclaimer>I am in no way affiiliated to or work for this company, approaches are at your own risk!</disclaimer>

Hobo SEO are very good too.

okay guy thank. if you kno any in brighton uk. i have found 1 i can go and talk to they look good but are expenive and tie you in to 6month maybe, need to make an appointment…

There is some excellent advice from Google on what to check, what to look for and what to ask when seeking the services of an SEO company given at:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Webmaster Tools Help

Can I ask the reason for looking for a localized SEO company? I would refer to you Orange County SEO company BlissDrive, pretty reasonable rates and top notch service (Y)

Since when was Orange County in the UK?

Are we going out colonising again?! Extending the Empire :slight_smile:

First Orange County, then the world?

If you want to hire a professional guy after check his all background it will be benificial for you, and if you want to look his or her background search his name on google, if he is really SEO Proffesional you will get a profile of him and also his work profiles and it will easy to you for hirin, but if you go with company it will be fine but it will far expensive than a guy any ways decisssion is yours, why dont search on google and i will prefer you scoot smith

i want to meet them being the reason…

Today, there are many companies offering SEO services on the web. Some even go so far as to offer you rapid ascent to page one on Google and the other major search engines. Some may even achieve this - for a short period. All we’ll say is, beware! SEO is far from straightforward, and constantly changing. Rankings that go up quickly have a habit of coming down even quicker. And that leaves your business out in the cold - an even worse place to be online than offline. In practice, companies that guarantee results in ridiculous timescales are using ‘black hat’ techniques that search engines hate and will penalise you for when they find out…

Apart from using blackhat which can heart your site very badly when Google find out, some companies “piggy-back” your site onto others and get you up very fast that way. But you will be hooked like a junky on crack, because soon after you stop paying, you stop displaying.