Coming Soon Or Under Constraction

Please suggest if under construction or coming soon page is good for SEO for the newly bought domain.

It’s content that Google is interested in. If you have no content there’s nothing to SEO.

I know but my site in working progress, so I am asking this one.

After your reply I found about this topic. and find some interesting tips. This post or video are old but I think those are very important.
Video -
Article -

First question: how many real people actually know the address of your new site? If you think that a lot of people are going to be typing it in, then it is better to create some kind of “coming soon” page with useful information, as Matt Cutts suggested, rather than having them end up with a page belonging to your hosting company or something similar. That might lead them to conclude that the URL is wrong or the site no longer exists. I would, however, mark it “noindex” until it has “real” content.

On the other hand, if the only way people are going to learn about the site before it’s finished is via a search engine, then ask yourself what the point would be. Search engines return results based on the page content, as @Gandalf has already said. It’s not that likely that a “coming soon” page will answer a search query accurately enough to appear in results, but supposing that it did, is that good for potential visitors? If they’re searching for a particular item or information and find themselves on something which is just a “coming soon” page, do you not think they are much more likely to be irritated by that than to think “Great! I must keep checking back to see if this site is finished and whether it’s any good”?

Once your site is completed it can be submitted to search engines and be crawled very quickly. I see no advantage at all in creating an “under construction” page just to get the URL indexed. Once you have the real content in place, it will have to be re-crawled anyway, and you’ll have to wait for the “under construction” page to drop out of results.


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