Merits of a "Coming Soon

EDIT: I made a mistake, the title should read “Merits of a Coming Soon” webpage

Hello everyone,

The thought of doing a “Coming Soon” webpage for my web project crossed my mind. I had wanted to do one, but I had no idea why. I was just inclined by the fact that I’ve seen some cool ones around.

What merits do they really bring to a work-in-progress web project?

Just about zero merit.

Coming soon is a nice way of say “incomplete”.

“a work in progress” is the corporate office worker double-talk, mumbo jumbo, equivalent. :smiley:

There are very few exceptions imo.


I think the only case for them being used is for an event, such as a conference, product launch or something else aimed for a specific date. The validity for use is justified as it’s effectively acting as a launchpad or countdown to stuff like tickets going on sale while providing some hints as to what it’s all about. However for normal websites, it’s just plain wrong, there’s no excuse for having a “this site isn’t ready, no idea why it’s online” page :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input so far.

What about the availability of a mailing list subscription to notify users of when the website is ready to launch?

Isn’t that somewhat beneficial?

This is off topic, but the principle is similar.
Compare a video game trailer to a “Coming soon” page; The merit of the trailer may be to induce pre-orders of the game. This is a successful marketing strategy too. Case and point - Call of Duty series.

If you’re (you or your service/product) in extremely high demand, then such a “comminng soon” page makes sense. If that isn’t the case, then chances are high that people won’t be coming back.

I think it is only work if you got High Brand Marketing! Image from other sources then it can work for you otherwise Coming Soon for a new website doesn’t worth anymore

Have to agree with the others here - “coming soon” pages either for a site or a section of a website are always a bad idea in my book, unless like Alex said you’re using this for a product launch where you’ve got more info to “tease” people with and build anticipation for your coming product or service.

Probably more accurate to compare a “coming soon” page to a screenshot from a game trailer :slight_smile:


Here’s a good article for landing page ideas if you actually decide to do a “coming soon” page:

Agreed, coming soon pages for mailing lists only are of benefit you have an existing lobby of users who you know will be aware of the services future launch, otherwise it’s just another non-existent product to any “fly-by” browsers (which will put them off using your services). I honestly don’t know why people think having a “visit again soon” page is worth anything to the casual user, it’s like having a website filled with Lipsum text using a default wordpress installation… useless. :confused: