Tutorial for Under Construction Page HTML5 and CSS3?

Does anyone know of a good tutorial where I can learn to make a great Under Construction Web Page using HMTL4 and CSS3?

Do you have a design in mind?

It’s OT, but I can’t resist:

Why on earth is it so important to create a simple “under construction” page with html4 and css3?

All you need is a html page, regadless of version, saying “Under construction”. Which you don’t even need any CSS for.

I’ll even go one further… Why have a construction page? All that does is the user that a particular page isn’t finished It’s my opinion just state nothing at all or say great improvements will be happening in the next few days, weeks or months on the home page.

Maybe even further off-topic, but I wonder why you need an “under-construction” page at all.

If the domain is new, then search engines will not crawl and index it before it has content, so there is no need for an “under sonstruction” page. If you’re redesigning an existing site, wouldn’t it be better to leave the current content until the new version is ready to upload? Then if there are any changes to URLs, you can properly redirect them.

Edit Ninja’d by @Pepster, who put it rather better than I did.

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