Project management and collaboration tool help

Good morning (from Utah) everyone!

I manage a team of 12 or so developers, with more being added every year or so. We’ve been using Basecamp by 37signals for project management, assigning tasks, sharing files, etc… but it is lacking with a lot of features and we’re looking to move to something else. It has been great, but it will not work efficiently for what we need to do.

We’ve looked into Jira ( but at a cost of $8000 USD, this doesn’t fit into our budget. This looks to be exactly what we want though…

I’m wondering if anyone can provide some recommendations to something similar to Jira, that is web-based, and hopefully cheaper?

Let me know if any additional details are needed.

I truly appreciate any time someone would put forth into a response to this request.

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I am not much aware about other project management software; However, from past 8-9 months I am using Microsoft Project 2010 which I find as one of the best project management & project collaborative software. There are 3 different editions available for [URL=“”]Microsoft Project 2010 i.e. Standard, Professional & Server. Depending on your requirements you can opt for the edition that best suits your needs.

Hi. Here’s a list of top project management software to choose from and its comparisons. Try to check this article:

Hope it helps…:wink:

Can’t blame you there, while Basecamp makes it explicit that it’s marketing angle is ‘‘simplicity’’ it often has to give up (important) features to maintain this ideal.

For collaboration, i would suggest an application that combines multiple aspects of business management and brings collaboration to all of them. This way, you can manage contacts, projects, communication, and even finances (project related expenses/clients paying you) all in one place, without having to jump between apps. This has numerous benefits, such as being able to attach items to one another for quick reference, managing the entire customer lifecycle in one place, and the workflow efficiency. WORKetc can do basically everything i’ve listed above if you’re trying to find one.

After lots of searching I have found ProofHub which is web based project management software and work as a centralized tool. I think it can cover all your queries/problems. :slight_smile: