Project Management and Bug Tracking

Not sure if anyone can help but thought it was worth a shot.

We are struggling to find a project management tool that will have/allow us to do the following:

  • Track and manage projects including tasks and sub tasks
  • Manage resources and timesheets for these resources
  • Resource availability reporting
  • Issue / Bug tracking
  • Interactive GANTT charts for each project with Critical Path Analysis (not a deal breaker but would be handy)
  • Web Based system so we can login from anywhere

ATTAsk looked perfect but after discussing pricing with them we have decided this is way out of budget. There must be something out there that handles all this.

Can anyone help or make any suggestions?

A few that I have used (which offer FREE plans for small projects) are:

Maybe break it up into Freshbooks + Pivotal or something like that?
Or try ActiveCollab + customizations?

I think the issue to get everything in one tool.

Check out - I’ve used it a few times and loved it. We use Basecamp currently but Lighthouse had much more of an issue tracking kind of feel.