Clear guidance and clarity on what "can" and "cannot" be talked about and discussed on SitePoint

Hello, can someone provide me guidance and clarity on what types of codes are allowed to be worked on on here, and what is not allowed?

Mainly in terms of javascript coding.

Like if it deals A, it is not allowed, if it deals with B, that is fine.

For example, any code that deals with streaming audio, that is not allowed.

I got that.

In terms of YouTube, is there anything that involves YouTube that is off limits and can’t be discussed or worked on on here?

Other than that, are there any other particular types of javascript codes that are totally banned and off limits from discussing on here?

Is there anything in here that is banned/off limits that can’t be worked on or discussed?

Basically, we don’t allow requests for help with anything which is illegal (obviously), or which violates the ToS of this site or another.

Where members are using code or data from another site, we expect that they will have checked for themselves what restrictions apply in its use, and be using it in accordance with that site’s conditions. It is not practical for us to give detailed advice here regarding what one can and cannot do with third party data.


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