Ask for help

Can any body guide me that in forum i can post links of apps and games. To take suggestion and review. To enhance the quality.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forums @manahilk569

Are you asking about posting in this forum, or asking about suggestions for forums where you can do this?
In the Sitepoint Forums there is a very strict “no spam” policy, so posting any links with the intention of self promotion is prohibited.
Reviews are permitted in some circumstances, but there are guidelines which you must follow.

You can find more information on this in the FAQ.


If you’re looking for code reviews, maybe you should add code-review tag to your post. I’m new here, but the best place for such posts should be the language channel. For example if the program is written in Python, post in the Python channel. Also like SamA74 suggested, definitely read the FAQ.


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