SitePoint has spoiled me

Ok so I’m trying to teach myself video editing and hardware. Also, live streaming and things like that.

It seems SitePoint has spoiled me as I have gotten used to help with html, css, etc coming within a couple hours or so from thread creation.

I’ve been to other forums on video editing and hardware and a lot of them just seem like deserted towns. Responses are ridiculously slow (even ones with huge google PR).

i’m kinda confused as to where to go from here as i have so many questions and seem to be lacking the resources.

anyone with any links or whatnot it is greatly appreciated.

SitePoint-you have spoiled me. In a good way though :).

FWIW, you can do live streaming with HTML5 <video> also.


i know right-i feel like the 14 yr old who complains about getting 4 playstation games instead of 6 for christmas. so very, very spoiled.

And if you don’t know where to place it, just think what it relates to best (from the other forum choices) and post away!

If it doesn’t belong there I’m sure it’ll be moved for you by one of the moderators, so you should end up with replies. :slight_smile:

I agree, once you’ve used SitePoint, you’ll wonder how you were able to do your job before :slight_smile:

There was a “Audio, Video and Animation” forum here, but it was removed due to it’s unpopularity.

The suggestion now is: