Claiming 1-Year Free SitePoint Premium promotion

I’ve purchased and activated the SiteGround 1 year webhosting package with a domain, but have not been able to access the SitePoint premium content. I am still locked in to the free tutorials and have not received an email like the promotion page claims I should have in order to upgrade my account to premium.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Welcome to the forums, @joshjmack.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. You’re not the first to report a problem. Hopefully @Tom will be able to sort things out for you, but I think you might need to wait until after the weekend before he’ll be around.

Thanks for the fast reply! Sounds good, I’ll check back once the weekend is over


Hey mate,

Can you please shoot an email to ‘’ with the email you’ve used to sign up to SiteGround with, and the details you’ve posted above. You should have received a welcome email from SiteGround with your SitePoint Premium coupon, but if you can’t find it, they’ll help you out. Recommend you check junk inbox in the meantime and hopefully it’s in there.

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Hi, Yesterday I signed up for Siteground after receiving several emails saying I would have a free year to access Sitepoint downloads etc I am already a member of Sitepoint , I have been so for many years.
I have been given a voucher to update my account so went into my account and pressed update but there was nowhere to put this voucher code . Since doing this I have recieved an email from Sitepoint welcoming me to Premium and then saw they have taken out $99 from my Credit Card !!!
I know I have done something wrong somewhere… Big sigh…
I have emailed Sitepoint with a pdf of my Siteground receipt but as of yet have not received a reply.

@danielgraziano: can you assist @hollowtree1?

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I have had no reply from my previous posting above and have contacted Sitepoint 4 times now. I am very confused I have spoken to SiteGround and they are mystified too at this long silence.
Please tell me who to contact next.

I’m really sorry you’re having such trouble, @hollowtree1. I’ll try again to get somebody to look into this.

@ralphm; @Ophelie: @danielgraziano; @Tom.

Hey there, so sorry for the delay. Can you please email me directly at ‘’ - I’ll notify our support team to solve the billing issue and handle your membership extension myself.

Thanks and sorry again!

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Thanks for getting in touch with me via email Helen. I have handled this privately, and included a bonus as a thank-you for all the years of support. Please don’t hesitate to reach to me directly using that email address, if there’s anything at all I can do for you!


Thank you Daniel for sorting everything today. Very much appreciated.


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