2 Accounts Premium and Yearly, really only signed up for yearly

Hi There,

I have sent you two emails in the last week and not one single person has responded.

I have signed up under my gmail for the yearly subscription, but also seen that my account has a monthly plan stuck to it and am unable to cancel or get a refund.

I noticed on my bank statement that I am being billed monthly as well as annual payment being taken out. I am unable to cancel my account because it is tied to a yearly subscription as well as a monthly one.

Can somebody get back to me today please with what is going on?

What accounts do I have and what plans? How do I cancel the monthly subscription and get refunded for that.

Also in my previous email, I was not able to subscribe with my business email which was originally signed up to the newsletter, I even tried sending a password reminder, so I had to create a new account to subscribe to the yearly subscription.

I emailed because I just want one account – paid yearly under my business email.



Welcome to the forums, @andileedavis.

I’ll try to get somebody from SitePoint support to respond to you ASAP.

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Thanks v Much :slight_smile:

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I am going to e-mail you privately, since I don’t want any sort of disclosure of personal info to be posted on the public forums.


Thanks, I will await your email.

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