Emails offering 1 year premium

Has anyone else got emails from various people at sitepoint offering year premium if you sign up and try out differing solutions? I have had a few now and did the required tasks signing up for 2 different services,(new relic and paperduty) replying with a screen shot and no reply whatsoever. Ok maybe i thought I had not made it in time for the limited places available, only to get another email the following day saying there are still slots. Im starting to wonder…? and feeling a bit duped.

@Ophelie, @ralphm Are you guys able to kindly shed some light on this? thanks :wink:

I did the New Relic one (after hours of fiddling) and got a reply (the best possible reply) like 2 hours later. I guess I was lucky because I didn’t notice the “for 200 people” limit until I sent the screenshot.

Didn’t see the Paperduty one though.

Sorry you’re having issues with that, @reggieboy. I’ll ping hq about it. :slight_smile:

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@reggieboy, well that sure sounds frustrating! I can’t see any support tickets from the email address you use to log in here but you might have used a different one. Shoot me a private message with the email address you sent your screenshot in with and I’ll see if I can find out what happened and I can set you up with your free year!

Apologies for the lack of response, it’s very out of character!


The thing that gave me a bad impression is that the subject says “FREE Year of SitePoint Premium!” and it says “free” in many places but then it says “SitePoint-only discounted rate” and “Get started today from as low as $3.95 a month!” so I ignored it, I assume there are more hidden costs.

Sent you a message, with details as requested! thanks so much!

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