Ckfinder resize images on upload for specific editor not global

I’ve been using ckfinder which is brilliant but i want to have the image resize. The functionality seems to be there but i don’t know how to make it only affect the editor i am on not the main config page for everything. i.e. i don’t want to resize all of my images to X by X, some i might not want to resize at all.

this is the code from the above link

$config['Images'] = Array(
'maxWidth' => 1600,
'maxHeight' => 1200,
'quality' => 80);

but i don’t know how to write that into the page instance. this is the code i use in the page to call the uploader

function BrowseServer()
    // You can use the "CKFinder" class to render CKFinder in a page:
    var finder = new CKFinder();
    finder.basePath = '../../ckeditor/ckfinder/';    // The path for the installation of CKFinder (default = "/ckfinder/").
    finder.selectActionFunction = SetFileField;

any ideas how to integrate it? i’ve done a google search but can only find a bit of script where someone has made it so in the config it will only resize if you choose certain folders but if poss i’d prefer to define it as and when.

any help appreciated. thanks

Hi Noppy,

So you’re using CKFinder and you want to resize certain images that have been uploaded. Did I get that right?

I have never used CKFinder before, but if you could set up a simple demo page with which I can recreate your problem, I am happy to have a look.

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