Has anyone had any experience using CKEditor ( I would like to incorporate something like this in my custom CMS’ but would like to get some feedback regarding the product.

I know there are others:
HTML Editor 3 by WebAssist
HTML Editor 2 by DMXZone

Anyone have any experience in these products?

I’ve used CKEditor in custom and established CMS apps. I’ve found it’s support to be descent, the code is better than most, and from a UX point of view people seem to prefer it to TinyMCE and others.

Thank you for your input!

Since I’m not familiar with the product, do you know if it allows file uploads, images resizes, etc.?

Just wondering if I should go the pay route or if CKEditor would accomplish what most companies are charging for.

i have a same problem i download and install ckeditor for my joomla but it don’t work

For an easy solution use this you only need to install it as an extension. Then go to Global configuration and set it as default editor.

Yes, it allows image uploads, you can set all properties of the image like width, height, hspace, vspance, align etc.

For uploads, you need to configure the proper controller i.e. php, asp, etc.