Newbie javascript question - customising ckeditor using cakephp

hello all

I’m trying to get the textarea text editor plugin CKEditor to work on my project. I’m using cakephp and following this simple tutorial which basically tells that once I’ve included jquery and ckeditor then all I need to do to create a ckeditor textarea is:

echo $form->textarea(‘content’, array(‘id’=>‘content’,‘class’=>‘ckeditor’));

That all works fine except I can’t resize the textarea at all. I’ve tried with css and putting ‘cols’ and ‘rows’ in there but to no avail. When I remove the ckeditor class it does work so I think it’s something to do with the config.

There is a config.js file which you can fiddle with but I don’t know enough to know what to do to alter the height and width. Can anyone help me? The relevant bit of the documentation is

thanks if anyone can help me :slight_smile: