Resize and crop images

Can anyone recommend a really easy to instal and use script (preferably cheap or free) that allows you to resize and crop an image and which can be integrated into a cms. If it allowed upload that would be a bonus.
The cms will be used by someone who is unfamiliar with image manipulation.

The image has to be a particular ratio as it is for a slideshow.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

You may need to find something tailored for the CMS you are using. What one is it?

I am coding my own cms.

There seem to be a lot of JQuery based scripts that can do this but the problem I am finding is that whereas they allow the user to crop and resize, they either are difficult for a novice computer user to use or don’t allow the crop tool to retain a ratio.

Often an off the shelf CMS will have native functionality, or a plugin, for doing something like this. There are editors you can use like CK Editor, but I don’t think you can crop and resize images like that. So what you want is a plugin that can be integrated into any CMS that has this feature.

A quick Google brought up JCrop, a jQuery script that it seems you can use for this purpose.

This is the site: Jcrop - Deep Liquid

And here’s a video demo: jCrop Demo

I’m sure there must be more options out there, though.

Not sure how you can do crop with PHP but I use these 2 classes in my project for uploading and image resizing.

Uploading: PHP: File Upload Script (HTML Form + PHP Handler Class)
Image Resizing: PHP: Resize Image and Store to File

Really easy to use. Hope they help.