Circumvent the Australian Government filter - legally

Thought you Aussies might be interested in this vid showing how to break the filter, legally.

Break the filter

This is the download here (Torbutton provides enhanced privacy and browser state isolation features)

[FONT=“Georgia”]“The Filter” ?


Yes, I was wondering too? What are they censoring?

Nothing yet but the intention is to filter child porno and other similar things which are at the extreme end of illegal content.

It has been illegal to have such material in your posession in Australia since long before the internet was even thought of and so those laws prevent such material being hosted on servers in Australia. The filter is supposed to prevent access to similar material hosted outside Australia.

I have been saying since the filter was first proposed that the only effect it will have is to slow the internet for everyone and block innocent sites incorrectly added to the filter. That it wouldn’t actually prevent access to the sites it is supposed to be blocking is obvious to anyone who understands computers. Blacklist filtering never works effectively.

The UK has a sort of “filter” in effect too, except ISP’s voluntarily implement the system, we had an issue with Wikipedia pages being banned due to an album cover (which could be deemed as inappropriate) last year which hit the press (though my ISP refused to block it because they didn’t deem it as illegal content). :slight_smile:

More from jimboot on how to mess with the filter -