First China, now Google is considering leaving Australia


Google appears to be preparing to take a stand agaist the Australian Government’s decision to slow down internet access for Australians in order to block access to a few innocent sites accidentally added to the blacklist (those intentionally blacklisted will of course be easily able to bypass the filter).

ps. the news article may or may not be an April Fool’s joke but Google is definitely opposed to the introduction of the filter - as any sensible person who understands internet technology is (of course everyone is also opposed to the sorts of sites that the filter is supposed to block being on the internet at all and wouldn’t be opposed to the filter if it had the slightest chance that it could actually work).

May or may not be?

Representatives from Google were too busy enjoying April Fools Day!!! to make comment.

iTnews wishes all its readers a Happy April Fools Day.

Google is in California, no? It is not April Fool’s day in California as I type this…
March 31th 7:35 PM

Anyways…yeah…it is for the Aussies. XD

The office referred to is the one in Pyrmont, Sydney. That’s in NSW, Australia and not in California, USA.

I love these April fools day jokes… there’s nothing funnier than watching people get hyped up over something to realise they’ve been “rick-rolled” in some form. :slight_smile:

This isn’t an April fools joke people :rolleyes:

Off Topic:

Rick rolled!

How does the Great Australian Firewall work and how are people getting around it?

They don’t get round it, it’s too long - so they use a ladder and go over it :smiley:

I have an Australian SEO contact who’s videos I follow on youtube and he has been actively campaigning against this since the start.

This is the guy responsible for it - stephen conroy

Google is a Monoply these days and can do Anything :slight_smile:

Apart from the fact that it hasn’t been implemented yet there will be no problem for anyone getting around it (apart from those owners of innocent sitres blacklisted by mistake).

Those whose sites are legitimately blocked will just provide alternative paths to the data and when those alternatives get blacklisted will just add more alternatives. Since it will take a lot longer to blacklist a new site than it will to move locations those sites will only suffer a minor inconvenience as a result of the filter.

The inconvenience to ALL Australian internet users caused by the slow down of processing due to the filter will be much greater per person. Obviously the intent of the Government is to punish people for connecting to the internet at all since that is where the biggest impact will be.