Censorship Question

I was just reading an article in the Washington Post which mentioned the Russian group “Pussy Riot”.

Normally I’m not into “pop culture”, so I know very little of this group, other than they are in jail in Russia!!


Why is it that when I Google “Pussy Riot” nothing comes up?! :eek:

I had heard that they were being censored in Russia, but I thought everything was on Google, and that search term brings up nothing directly related to the group.

(It’s also surprising there isn’t a WikiPedia page, because I thought that there was one of those for everything too?!) :lol:

Not trying to start a “riot”, just curious hat is happening to the Internet…



Weird. There’s plenty of results from here - including a Wikipedia page:

[font=calibri]Compare and contrast the following two screenshots:


That’s a lot less weird. :slight_smile: I didn’t even think of that - I’m such an innocent. :blush:

I took some child safe browsing software off my daughters PC as she had problems doing her homework. The software restricted access to so many innocent sites as well as bad ones.

Stevie D,

Yep, I just figured things out before reading your post.

I had “Safe Search” turned on in Google because normally I’m not into searching for those two terms - especially the first one!!! :wink:

Looks like that feature works quite well.

Okay, enough “Riot” for one day.

Back to work!!!



I know the problem. On our old Windows computer, the antivirus/security software had safe browsing enabled by default. It was so safe I couldn’t shop for lingerie (I think the names given to the styles were causing my software to panic) and it even banned me from my own site, which it thought was of a potentially violent nature. :rolleyes: It apparently didn’t like the domain name, (which I’ve since changed, in case any potential customers were using the same security software. ;)) Needless to say, I disabled it.

Well, turn off “Safe Search” and Google those terms independently, and you can PM me later and tell me if you find anything interesting… :lol:

Personally, I’m too busy trying to get my website finished to be searching for that kind of extracurricular activity…



I didn’t have safe search enabled - as you can see from my image. It had occurred to me that safe search might be a factor, but I couldn’t think why it would be affecting such an obviously-innocent search term. That was my point. :slight_smile:

Gee, I thought I was on to some big conspiracy theory, and it just turned out to be a browser setting?!

Oh the letdown!! :rolleyes: