Christmas presents

We do a ‘secret santa’ thing in our house, where we just buy for one person.
This year I got Dad, and I’m stumped.

Does anyone have any good present ideas? He likes reading, golf, eating, and has a great sense of humour.


NZ$75 (around $60 USD)

Does he believe in Evolution? Fan of Bill Nye the Science guy? I just ordered this book today. Love this guy. Only around 20 USD

Bill Nye Book

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Any relation to Sid ?

I imagine he’d be happy just to spend time with family. Still, gifts are nice.

re Food, How good are a cook are you? And how often do you dine together?
Not that you could afford a feast with that budget, but it would be a good excuse to spend time together especially if he has a “favorite” he doesn’t get to enjoy often.
eg. my grandfather was diabetic so my grandmother had no sweets, but boy did he enjoy them despite the insulin boost he later needed. (he lived to 87, so I don’t think his occassional cheating was all that bad considering the enjoyment value)

I like the way you’re thinking. :smile: We have a big family get together and cook one course each. @MalCurtis and I are on dessert this year. We do the gifts between courses.

I could definitely get him food. He’s a big fan. Or nice wine actually.

As far as his relationship goes, the kid is a btd. Shame really.

Can you cook?

I can actually. I love cooking and I’ve become pretty good at it.

That’s great you can make a great dinner for your Dad.

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Golf, Eating, Great sense of Humour… What else does he enjoy? What does he do for a living? If anything technical, there are a lot of great books that are hilarious that also work as “coffee table” books when entertaining that will spark conversations.

This one for example: What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

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Brilliant - just what I need for my brother.

He’s a lawyer, although he’s retiring mid next year.
He also loves cycling and swimming.

It’s common knowledge that–upon becoming a father–every man will never, ever be completely satisfied with a gift. I’ve been buying gifts for my dad for years, and he rarely uses any of them. Same goes for my brother. Now I just get them books, which aren’t particularly flashy, but always end up getting used.

Yeah, if I wanted an easy present for my dad that I knew he’d use, I’d get him grog. Always a winner. :stuck_out_tongue: (Disclaimer: his untimely death was pretty much directly due to his alcohol consumption. )

Well, in my mother and father case, it was directly related to their smoking habits…

@hawk If he likes wine you can buy him a box of chocolates for wine (it should be around 15-18 USD)

If he like puzzles and all that stuff, you got the sudocube (similar to the rubik cube but with a sudoku)

Of course, a nice evening out (maybe going to the cinema) or something that he doesn’t usually do can be nice too.

When I give a present, I try to buy something that I know that person likes but that he wouldn’t buy himself.

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Yes! Perfect. :smile:

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