Best Christmas Gift?

Hello everyone

I don’t read much, so I need your advice, please.

My wife loves reading and she finishes a book in less than a week.
We have a bookcase with many books, probably 100+ and she reads some of them again.

She always says that she enjoys the actual books rather than doing it digitally but I still want to get her a device to be able to read digitally and buy all the books she wants. I will buy her a voucher with it as well so that she can buy some books to get started with.

What device would you recommend? Kindle or iPad or? I don’t know the Kindle at all but the iPad seems like a good choice since it’s an iPad and the iBooks app should provide all the needed material as well?

Any advice and input is greatly appreciated.

I said the same. I hate reading on a screen and I like the smell and feel of a real book, so why would I ever want an e-book reader? Then I got a Kobo Glo earlier this year and I can honestly say I’ve fallen in love with it. It is nothing like reading on a computer screen, even with the light on. The light level is adjustable, so I can set it bright enough to read by without keeping my husband awake in bed at night. :slight_smile: He, of course, couldn’t imagine why I was so attached to it - until I got him one for our anniversary and he’s hardly put it down since. :lol:

You can buy books through the Kobo store, or from other book stores, but there are also sites which offer out-of-copyright books free of charge. For example , and the amazing Project Gutenberg - . The first two sites are probably easier to navigate, but Project Gutenberg is the largest (and, I think, often the basis for books offered from other sites, too). You can, of course, get free downloads in formats for Kindle and other devices, too.