Choosing the right package

I am currently with siteground and have been for a while but I am thinking of changing because it is so expensive.
I’m looking at dreamhost but am wondering which one to go with.

What is the difference between wordpress managed hosting and the virtual private servers plan and how do I know which one I need?

My current plan is:

Usage Stats2 x 3.0 GHz CPU Cores, CentOS, 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD, cPanel, Cloud Storage, Management Services
and they are chatging £275 for 6months

I don’t even know if I need all that stuff. I do know I need https, a european server, 30GB (possibly more storage), multiple sites.
Monthly bandwidth transfer is: 16.41 GB

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This thread How To Change My Web Hosting might help.

well i don’t have any experience about this but i heard about it. Its reviews and user are very comfortable with them. But everyone has there own opinion and their own chose what to do. If you are going with them then its not bad but if you want some other that’s really good. But i think you have to give them one chance.

My issue is not the hosting company. Actually they are very good but too expensive.

My question is what is the difference between the 2 packages mentioned above?
Do I need the WordPress managed hosting or the Virtual Private Server plan and what is the difference between the two , that is the main question.

So reading

Here are the differences between Wordpress Managed Hosting and the VPS Plan at Dreamhost

Wordpress Managed Hosting is 20.00 per month per site. You can only have one Wordpress site per Wordpress Managed Hosting. Dreamhost will maintain the server, keeping it secure and up to date, upgrade your WordPress installation automatically for you, and backup all of your files on a regular basis.

If you have multiple Wordpress Installations, you would be spending 20.00 per each one, each month.

Now, VPS is an entirely different beast. You are responsible for keeping it secure, upgrading WordPress, etc. Now, by default, securing it is partially handled, as Dreamhost uses a lot of sane defaults. They also make it dead simple to add new sites, new wordpress installations, etc through their control panel. So you don’t have to worry about learning Linux right nout of the box. You will want to eventually become comfortable with SSH and login to your VPS to upgrade the kernel and other software to keep it up to date, but since they use Ubuntu, the process is very simple.

You won’t have to setup Apache by yourself, that is done automatically via their control panel, you will have full access to their support, you can manage users, one click installations of Wordpress, setup of the databases, all through their control panel. Same with email setup, mailing lists, billing, et al. Backups are done automatically too. But you are encouraged to also setup a backup plan of your own choosing which requires more hands on/Linux savvy approaches.

If you want to upgrade your VPS you can expand both memory and CPU through their control panel, if you want to upgrade to Ubuntu 14, you will have to do that yourself (you may be able to ask the Support team to do it, but I’m not sure how that process would go, or if they would require some sort of fee for it).

Either way, the VPS is likely what you want, unless you want to spend 20.00 per site that you plan to transfer. I strongly recommend talking with their Sales Chat first to ensure they still have a 90 day guarantee. I think they do. And I would choose one site to move over to the VPS to start, see how it goes, and if you ultimately hate it, drop it and move it back.

I’ve been with Dreamhost for 7 years now? And I love it. There isn’t anything I haven’t been able to do using their Control Panel and the number of times I’ve had to contact support or needed them, they responded timely and resolved my issue entirely. I’ve only had one major outage with them, and because of the size of my setup, it took a very long time to restore it, but they gave me a year of service for free for the inconvenience (which more than made up for it) – as it wasn’t a very important site, well not from a business perspective anyway.

Hopefully this answered a lot of your concerns/questions.

cpradio thanks for the information sharing. well hantaah this link helps you to find out your problem.

@Shay_Fox it sure does. It’s kind of what I’ve been wondering for a while but explained very well thanks @cpradio

I just have one more question is their cpanel any different to the cpan I use at the moment? It’s the usual kind of cloud cpanel where you can access softilicious and email accounts, file explorer etc?

I think this is the option I’m looking for. If you have an affliliate link @cpradio let me know it. I have two months left on mine but I will be moving as soon as I can.

It is entirely different. Dreamhost wrote their own. So it won’t be like anything you’ve seen before. However, it is very easy and intuitive. You’ll have no problems switching over.

I think one of the main points if you changing hosting is what OS they are using as Linux and Windows are completely different and if you are backing up a windows server and moving to Linux you are going to have a lot of issues!

Also the price they are offering I think is expensive and you can find it much cheaper if you have a look around with either a VPS or a dedicated server.

Hope that helps!


SiteGround looks okay, and their SSD storage is attractive unlike their high prices. There are a lot of web hosts that you would find suitable. DreamHost looks okay, but their price is still great. And they offer “Unlimited Space and Transfer” which may be bad because some people will use all of their resources while some people that don’t, pay for it.

It looks like a lot of money for this server
With digital ocean you can have 4GB memory, 2 Core Processor, 60 GB SSD Disk and up to 4TB Transfer for $40/month
And it’s not most cheap, so I think you can find even more affordable prices too