Child Not Overriding Parent

Hi everyone,

I have set up a child theme for:

I have change the footer.php and put it in the child theme, it’s simply to change the copyright at the bottom of the page, but it’s not overriding the parent theme.

Would anyone be able to help me with this? I have done it on previous websites but not happening on this one?

Apologies if this seems trivial to some.

Thanks in advance

I know this is probably stating the obvious, but did you make sure that every step of the way, you created the child theme the same way as the times when a child theme worked for you?


Thanks for the advice, I had just copied and pasted from the mock up website I had used, so hadn’t done in the same way.

So I have just gone back and tried it again from the beginning but still no joy.

This is what is in my footer.php in my Child Theme folder, could you tell if I’m doing anything wrong please?

<?php if ( 'on' == et_get_option( 'divi_back_to_top', 'false' ) ) : ?>

	<span class="et_pb_scroll_top et-pb-icon"></span>

<?php endif;

if ( ! is_page_template( 'page-template-blank.php' ) ) : ?>

			<footer id="main-footer">
				<?php get_sidebar( 'footer' ); ?>

			if ( has_nav_menu( 'footer-menu' ) ) : ?>

				<div id="et-footer-nav">
					<div class="container">
							wp_nav_menu( array(
								'theme_location' => 'footer-menu',
								'depth'          => '1',
								'menu_class'     => 'bottom-nav',
								'container'      => '',
								'fallback_cb'    => '',
							) );
				</div> <!-- #et-footer-nav -->

			<?php endif; ?>

				<div id="footer-bottom">
					<div class="container clearfix">
					if ( false !== et_get_option( 'show_footer_social_icons', true ) ) {
						get_template_part( 'includes/social_icons', 'footer' );

						<p id="footer-info"><?php printf( et_get_safe_localization( __( 'Designed by %1$s | Powered by %2$s', 'Divi' ) ), '<a href="" title="Premium WordPress Themes">Test Footer</a>', '<a href="">WordPress</a>' ); ?></p>
					</div>	<!-- .container -->
			</footer> <!-- #main-footer -->
		</div> <!-- #et-main-area -->

<?php endif; // ! is_page_template( 'page-template-blank.php' ) ?>

	</div> <!-- #page-container -->

	<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What are you trying to change in this footer? Are you trying to remove the Divi theme and WordPress footer credits?

Yes I am trying, is this allowed?

If you are having trouble removing it, the chances are the authors don’t want it removed.

I have seen free themes that check to make sure it’s there, and if not. the site “breaks”. They sometimes offer a premium version that allows for it’s removal.

IMHO it’s not that big of a deal unless the theme has a vulnerability. And even then, the theme can be discovered in view-source.

I’m not sure how but I have done it on this website: using exactly the same method?

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