Wicked WP Themes

I am getting to one place, and it just doesn’t work.
Pages 108 - 111
Re: function for adding pages to footer.
I have uninstalled wp 3 times now, trying to get this to work out the same way it does in the book.

“… If all is well, your list of pages will be waiting for you at the bottom”…

Well, they’re not.
And that’s where I’m stuck. Saying “if all is well”, and NOT giving any help as far as “if they’re NOT waiting for me at the bottom” is not good. I have been stuck at this point for 2 whole days, and I can’t get past it.

I’ve checked everything and it looks exactly the same as the examples in the book.

I’m not a novice. I’ve been doing XHMTL, CSS, and some PHP for 7 years now, and this is very frustrating. (as a matter of fact I had to do major overhaul on the default.css as it was very messy and was not standards compliant)

I can send my coding if you request to help me out on this. 2 days of frustration is wearing very thin.


Haven’t read Wicked Wordpress Themes yet, but you should just be able to use:

<?php wp_list_pages( $args ); ?>

to list your pages. Are your pages not displaying or are you having trouble styling the list? If you post or send me your code, I can probably tell you what’s wrong.

As per instructions in the book. The name of my “Child Theme” is capture. I have added style for this, but it isn’t necessary because before styling it is supposed to show as an unstyled unordered list - which didn’t happen.

This is in functions.php

function capture_footer_pagelinks() {
echo '<ul id="simplepages">';
echo '</ul>';


This is in footer-homepage.php

</div><!-- #main -->
    // action hook for placing content above the footer

	<div id="footer">
        // action hook creating the footer 
	</div><!-- #footer -->
    // action hook for placing content below the footer
    if (apply_filters('thematic_close_wrapper', true)) {
    	echo '</div><!-- #wrapper .hfeed -->';


// calling WordPress' footer action hook

// action hook for placing content before closing the BODY tag



These are the relevant styles in capture.css (my child theme Style Sheet)

/* =Homepage specific Styles
-------------------------------------------------------------- */
body.home div#container

body.home div#content
margin:0 0 0 10px;

body.home ul#simplepages
margin:0 auto;

body.home ul#simplepages li

These all relate to home.php which was copied and renamed from index.php in the thematic parent theme.

Basic page (with wp-test data added) - http://agingskinsolutions.info (Part of a project for a contest) LOL…


Ok, you’re adding your function into the thematic theme itself. What’s supposed to happen is that you add your function in your child theme’s functions.php (which you did) then you use add_action or add_filter to invoke your function. You should never add anything to the Thematic files themselves.
For example, if you want to change the link in the footer, you’d do it like so in your child theme functions.php:

function footer_link($footertext) {
    $footertext = 'Powered by <a href="http://www.wordpress.org">WordPress</a>, and the<a href="http://www.themeshaper.com/thematic">Thematic Theme framework</a>';
    return $footertext;
add_filter('thematic_footertext', 'footer_link');

The only files you really need in your child theme are style.css and functions.php. Like I said, I haven’t read Wicked Wordpress, so I’m not sure if they want you to edit the Thematic theme files themselves or not. But it’s definitely not suggested.

None of what you mentioned is anywhere in the book. There is a set of “Child Theme Files” that comes with Thematic Theme. This is a wireframe from which to create child theme templates.

This is what I am editing and uploading to the capture template file.

I’m ready to blow this popsicle stand and forget the whole works. Two days wasted is enough.

Thank you for your input.

Hi claire, If you download the most recent copy of Thematic, there is indeed a Sample child theme in a folder titled “thematicsamplechildtheme”, but the only files that are in there are style.css and functions.php.
I guess I’ll have to check out Wicked Wordpress Themes and see what they’re teaching people. Thematic is really a great tool, and it should be pretty easy to use.
Sorry I couldn’t help.

I fixed it… on home.php you have to give footer an argument:

// calling footer.php

which I missed…

Thanks again…