Sidebar not disappearing?

Hi all, I made a child theme using Thematic’s framework. I was following along with the book, “How to build your own wicked WordPress theme”. It had me copy the index.php file from thematic and rename it “home.php”. And had me comment out the sidebar, however it’s still on the homepage, just moved down the page. Can anyone help?

hello there,

simply open your home.php look for <?php get_sidebar(); ?> and replace it with :

<?php if (!is_front_page()) { 
} ?>

That will hide the sidebar from the homepage and displaying it on all the other pages/posts…


Thanks for your reply!
Sadly, the code you’ve provided didn’t effect the page output. The sidebar stayed put. I tried moving the home.php file out of the folder containing my WordPress theme but it still had no effect on the page itself. Any other ideas?

probably not as elegant as deadmix. But am still newish to wp.
I just comment out the sidebar or remove it altogether from the pages where I don’t want it.
<!-- ? get_sidebar(); ? –>