Charity Donation Addon


I’ve been getting help and support from a number of members on these forums, in particularly @StarLion. I’ve always wanted to give something back to show my appreciation for the help and support your forum members have given me in the PHP forum. Is there any way you can add a Charity Donation widget to the forums where if someone has helped you and you want to show your appreciation then user can make a charitable donation of any amount and selecting between 5 charities on who to give the money too. People send the money to a SitePoint PayPal account and then at the end of the month/quarter year SitePoint then sends all the donations collected to the charities. Once a user makes a donation then change their user group to something and change the name to Gold (for say a week) so people know that they have donated money and appreciated the help they received.

Then at the end of each month or quarterly SitePoint can let everyone know how much in donations they have received for each Charity. I think this will be a good way to not only tell people how much they appreciate the help they have received but also to help selected charities out donated by the SitePoint Users.

Plus it’d be a good little piece of PR for SitePoint.

What do you think?

That is a fantastic idea! Leave it with me and I’ll do some research. Thanks for the thought!

id take part in this, great idea