Wordpress charity donations module

Hi folks,

We’re developing a website for the UK arm of a charity working with street kids in South America. The situation is extremely dire at the moment due to the drop in the UK pound versus the Colombian dollar so the charity is looking to setup online donations. (literally, due to inflation on the Colombian side and the current economic climate, income has dropped nearly 50% over the last 3 years)

Since we, as their web developers, are Australian based and don’t know the UK well we were wondering:

  • what payment gateway UK people use and recommend (we have a virtual terminal with Barclays ready to go) - particularly interested in one that tokenizes and stores the credit card numbers and returns tokens;

  • what WordPress plugins people use that take credit cards etc for donations and subscriptions

We would be terribly grateful for helpful suggestions from anyone based in the UK who may have experience in either of the above two areas.

Cheers, Brian

Wordpress donation plugin is one of an good plugin for you. You can visit at wordpress plugin directory and you can get it free.

Thanks; but that was Paypal and I want ability to handle credit cards via our own merchant facility.