Looking for a Charity WordPress theme

I’m looking for a Charity WordPress site, so I searched and found some products on Themeforest but I don’t know what to should choose. Please give me some recommendations.

Based on what? You’ll need to give some more information if you want useful replies.

What is the purpose of this site? What is the nature of the charity? Who is the target audience? Do you want to customise the theme, or do you need something you can use “as is”?

Without more information, at best you will have people simply listing their favourite themes.


I don’t see why you would need a “charity” theme, or indeed what differentiates a theme for a charity from one for a small business or individual.

Tks for your reply, I want to a theme that has necessary features of charity site such as donation button, events, cause management… Example: https://themeforest.net/item/charity-wordpress-theme-charity-wp/15593989, it has all I need.

If you’ve already found a theme which has everything you need, why do you still want recommendations? What is it in particular that you’re unsure about or want opinions on?


It is really good with its rating and features. But I see that it is not as popular as others. Have any problems? I just ask for some experiences before buy it.

It has an average rating of 4.7, which seems pretty good to me, and the reviews also are largely very positive. I think it’s unlikely that you’ll find folk here who have used it and can provide any more feedback, but perhaps you’ll be lucky.


I decided to buy it and work with their support. Thank you very much.


i agree with @TechnoBear , if you got a perfect theme for your website ,and rating is also awesome as my point of view ,so why you need recommendation ??

If you need a review on site then tell us…

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